Why This Singapore Escort Agency Is The Only One I Go To For Girls

You probably have heard or read about SG VIP Escorts in the news, a large and well respected Singapore escort agency which specializes in local nationality Singapore escort ladies. In case you didn’t already know, true Singaporean escort girls are a rarity, yet constantly in demand and highly sought after by all customers.

The brand logo for SG VIP Escorts

The brand logo for SG VIP Escorts

Anyway, after multiple media features and interviews of their agency  since 2017 till just recently in 2020 by a local blogger which was shared on Reddit, I decided to write more about them since so many people seem interested in their escort services and girls!

For the casual customers in Singapore, you may not necessarily notice this for the escorts. However, for the regulars and serious customers, you will definitely notice that there have always in reality been very few agencies in Singapore. Many of them simply operate under different names. This was the case up till 2017 or perhaps even very early 2018. However, that soon changed when the fire nation attacked, or in this case, when SG VIP Escorts seemingly came into the picture.

The rise of SG VIP Escorts?

First featured on Yahoo! Singapore (to the best of my knowledge while researching for this piece), then appearing on other places like TodayOnline, AsiaOne and many more major news outlets, they started taking over the industry. One by one, their competitors closed shop, and all that is left behind is the largest escort agency (in history?) in Singapore – SG VIP Escorts (or sometimes known as SGVIP Services Pte Ltd which is their company). At least they are the only one that focuses only on local Singaporean escort girls. There are some illegal ones with foreigners, but we will leave those out. Try as I may, it is virtually impossible to find any other companies in Singapore that is reputable or legal or with amazing reviews with SG girls left other than them.

Tons of new girls and stable agency to engage

While there are always escort websites online, many are freelance websites like Skokka or whatnot, which can be an absolute cesspool of fake photos so I avoid them like the plague. When it comes to agencies, every other website is either defunct, scams or simply are not growing anymore – e.g. no more new girls, and their existing escorts are leaving them for SG VIP Escorts. It is quite wondrous to see this migration of girls and I think customers too. Pretty amazing.

As a customer, I want stability in an escort agency so I can not only save time and hassles, but also ensure higher levels of privacy

One of the more important things in my opinion as a potential customer is the stability of a company. I have known so many ‘agencies’ and ‘websites’ which close shop after just a few months. This happens sometimes because they get shut down by IMDA or the police force, or they are simply unable to compete with the big players. It can be very irritating to meet girls from such agencies, because it is also a risk and hassle to try out a new agent. Therefore, it is truly rewarding to now be able to stick to one agency for the entirety. It gets rid of the constant new customer verification as well as uncertainty of the quality of their ladies and service if you can simply stick to one good agency, which I have to e.g. SG VIP.

Since Singapore is a conservative country, many people, including myself, would prefer my identity kept private and privacy intact when I look for services some call taboo such as escort services. The more agents you come into contact with, the higher the chances of you getting your cover blown. This is especially the case if you meet illegal providers – thus I just stick to one once I found someone good, which I have right here!

Only downside? Only locals

With addition of new girls constantly also to their agency, and absolutely zero to other ‘agencies’, it is clear that if one wants to meet a Singaporean nationality escort, SG VIP Escorts are your one and only best choice. Now, there is a downside. The only downside is that you will be unable to find a foreign girl with them. If foreign nationality ladies are your preference, then tough luck, you will be having better luck with freelancers. They don’t even have one. For local ladies though, they are your best option, and from what it seems from various other reviews as well as news articles, they are your only option.

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