What Happens After You Have Booked An Escort In Singapore?

So you have managed to successfully make a booking for an escort service in Singapore. What next? Here are some tips for you so that you can easily get repeat bookings as escorts are notorious for rejecting clients otherwise. We will also talk about the various types of payment methods which are available for you in Singapore for most social escort service providers – be it agencies or freelancers.

First of all, you do not want to haggle after agreed upon. Prices are fixed by the escorts or the agencies, and the last thing they want is someone to haggle on the prices, either before or after the booking is made and confirmed. Respect their time, and they will respect your money and provide you with great and excellent service as long as you stick to the most respected and reputable social escort agency like SG VIP Escorts or freelance girl like Cara or Rebecca in Singapore.

Second of all, always be polite and respectful when it comes to interacting with any one. This does not necessarily only refer to behaving well and speaking politely with your words. It also refers to things like being respectful if the escort girl says no to anything that you may request for. Examples of being respectful towards the escort is to understand that they work as one as a job – as a paid girlfriend not a real girlfriend. Therefore, do not attempt to cross the line and invade their privacy by asking intrusive questions like their contact numbers especially when it comes to agency escorts, or they may block your future booking, which will then be undesirable. No means no, and yes means yes.

Third of all, make sure to be punctual. If you have set up a booking at a particular date and time, do not be wishy washy and change it around. Firm up your own schedule before making a booking for a girl, and you will be rewarded with better service. That is usually the case, as the escorts are also more excited when meeting a respectful and punctual customer.

Fourth of all, always prepare the exact change to the girl. If you have some extra in spare cash, which you may want to use as potential tips to the lady, that is acceptable as well. However, prepare cash, especially in notes of Singapore Dollars $50 – that way, payment time will be smooth and not full of potential hiccups!

Finally, simply wait for the lady to arrive. You should always pass the cash directly and immediately to the escort once she arrives and you have ascertained that she does indeed fit her looks, description and photos. You should be a gentleman and pass the escort your money before she asks for it, and this should always be at the start of the meeting and booking, definitely not at the end or that may be the last time you will hear from that escort or website.

The gist is this – if you want excellent service, be an excellent customer as well and you will be rewarded with great service and a good time in Singapore!

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