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The Best Location Is More Than a Location, It’s An Asset.

The Drum Country Region is located in North Central New York State about 70 miles north of Syracuse. It is nestled between Lake Ontario to the west, the St. Lawrence River to the north, and by the majestic Adirondack Mountains to the east. Named after the Fort Drum Army Installation, the region’s largest employer, Drum Country is comprised of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties.

Population and Labor Force

Drum Country is home to Fort Drum as well as many long-standing corporations, and is also an emerging hot spot for renewable and alternative energy companies. Drum Country is proud to highlight another kind of energy–a labor force that has grown nearly 3% since 2001. In fact, 29% of retiring soldiers–and their spouses–stay in the area after they retire from service.

The Fort Factor

Fort Drum is woven into the fabric of the Drum Country Region. The post provides employment for more than 4,700 area residents and generates approximately $1.5 billion annually in direct economic impact. Soldiers, spouses and their children stationed at Fort Drum, the majority of who live in the communities surrounding Fort Drum, are a driving force to continued economic growth and development in the region.

Major Employers

You see a soldier, we see a workforce: it’s a message our region’s employers know, and the reason so many strong businesses call Drum Country home. Some of our representative major employers include:

Representative Drum Country Employers
(100+ Employees)
Company Description
Fort Drum Civilian employees at army post
Alcoa Manufactures aluminum
Stream Global Services Call center
Kinney Drugs Regional drug store chain
Car-Freshner Corp. Manufactures air fresheners
ACCO USA Office Supplies
Kraft Foods Manufactures cream cheese products
Curran/Seaway Timber Manufactures wood pellets
New York Air Brake Manufactures braking systems for rail cars
Community Bank N.A. Provides bank services
LCO Destiny Manufactures picture frames
Fibermark Manufactures specialty fiber-based materials
Climax Manufacturing Manufactures coated paper products
Corning, Inc. Manufactures specialty glass and ceramics
Otis Technology Manufactures gun cleaning kits
Interface Solutions Manufactures gasket sealing systems
Source: Drum Country Business 2013


Close Connections, International Reach

Industry in the Drum Country Region enjoys fast and convenient access to national and international markets. Our proximity to Canada is advantageous to cross-border trade, while the Free Trade Agreement and excellent highway systems allow easy access to the Northeast and Midwestern U.S. markets as well as major Canadian markets. In fact, 75 percent of Canada’s manufacturing capacity is within a 500-mile radius of the Drum Country Region. Many businesses in the Drum Country Region can easily access major US centers like Boston, Philadelphia, New York City and Buffalo, as well as Canadian centers like Toronto and Montreal, all within 300 miles. Additionally, Interstate 81 traverses the region which is part of The Capital Corridor, an integrated bi-national transportation network linking innovative regions between Ottawa, Ontario Canada and Washington, D.C.


New York State supports the Global Export Market Services (GEMS) program – a matching grant program to help small- and medium-sized businesses increase their international export activity through technical and marketing assistance.


The following highways are immediately accessible in and from Drum County:

  • Interstate 81, a major north-south corridor, connects to I-90, a major east-west corridor, in Syracuse.
  • U.S. Highway 11 and State Highways 12, 26, and 37, among others, traverse the region.
  • Canadian Highway 401, accessible across the St. Lawrence River, serves as a major east-west corridor between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.
  • Canadian Highway 416 connects Canadian Highway 401 with Canadian Highway 417  and acts as an important trade route to Ottawa and eastern Ontario.


Commercial, non-passenger rail service in Drum Country is provided by CSX, a Class I railroad, the largest freight railroad system in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States:

  • The line serving Drum Country is part of is CSX’s main line connecting Montreal with Syracuse. From Syracuse, the main line connects to Boston, New York, Buffalo and on to several locations into the Midwest.
  • Within Drum Country, numerous spurs and short lines connect to additional locations.

The Port of Ogdensburg

The Port of Ogdensburg is the only U.S. port on the St. Lawrence Seaway and the only port on the Great Lakes designated as a Port of National Defense. The Port is closer to Northern Europe than most other U.S. Ports, making it highly economical for ships to travel to and from Ogdensburg.

  • The Port of Ogdensburg is a U.S. Customs port of entry with full customs services and is a designated Foreign Trade Zone.
  • The Port of Ogdensburg is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers:
    • 148,000 sq. ft. of warehouses
    • 1,120 ft. of docking
    • 27′ harbor and slip depth to provide sea vessels with access to the Great Lakes and world ports.
    • Quick and easy loading:
    • Using bulk-loading conveyors, the Port of Ogdensburg can load 100-pound material at the rate of 1100 short tons per hour.
    • Unlimited stevedoring services
    • Railroad facilities connecting with CSX Transportation
    • Quick and easy loading:
      • Using bulk-loading conveyors, the Port of Ogdensburg can load 100-pound material at the rate of 1100 short tons per hour.
      • The Port also has the ability to provide shore-side cranes ranging from 50-220 tons.
      • Roll-on/roll-off service is available.


Drum Country provides easy access to airports for passenger, charter and cargo service, including:

  • Ogdensburg (Ogdensburg International)
  • Massena (Richards Field)
  • Potsdam (Damon Field)
  • Watertown (Watertown International)
  • Syracuse (Hancock International)
  • Ottawa, Ontario (Ottawa International)
  • Montreal, Quebec (Dorval International)
  • Montreal, Quebec (Mirabel International)
Occupation Statistics


Occupation Code

Drum Country

New York/New Jersey MSA

Boston MSA

Philadelphia MSA

All Occupations






Management Occupations






General Operations and Operations Managers






Business and Financial Operations Occupations






Sales and Related Occupations

Production Occupations






Office and Administrative Support Occupations






Production Occupations






Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2011


A Mighty Workforce

Location and transportation mean nothing without an abundant, skilled labor force to manufacture your products. In Drum County, you’ll have access to a growing, well-trained labor force at a competitive cost. In fact, the average hourly wage is 17% lower than the national average across all occupations and up to 31% lower than the national average for key manufacturing occupations.

(insert: Population & Labor Force (bar graph)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2011

Growth at Fort Drum






2011= 46,649

Economic Impact

Invested in regional economy since FY 1988 = $16.90 billion

Increase in investment in regional economy over the past five years = 30%

Invested in local economy per year by approximately 2,300 area retirees = $45 million

Increase in Fort Drum’s population since 2003 resulting in an increased workforce = 119%