Drum Country has a population of 256,672 and a labor force of 110,004–including a higher percentage of young adults than either the New York or the US average. Our labor force has grown nearly 3 percent since 2001.

The Fort Factor

Fort Drum is woven into the fabric of the Drum Country Region. The Post provides employment for more than 4,700 area residents and generates $1.6 billion annually in direct economic impact. Soldiers, spouses and their children stationed at Fort Drum, the majority of who live in the communities surrounding Fort Drum, are a driving force to continued economic growth and development in the region. In fact, 29% of retiring soldiers and their families remain in Drum Country following their service retirement.

Our highly-educated workforce is ready to work for your business success:

  • 9-12th (no diploma): 12.87 percent (New York: 15.4%, US: 14.6%)
  • 87.13 percent high school diploma or higher (New York: 84.6%)
  • 14,580 Associates degrees (8.9%; New York: 7.2%, US: 6.3%)
  • 13,751 Bachelor’s degrees
  • 10,867 Graduate/Professional degrees