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Local Singapore Dating Agency Specializing In Matchmaking Growing Fast

Lately, there has been a local Singapore based dating agency which provides one to one matchmaking services to match you with the right one which has been growing by leaps and bounds in Singapore. We have never seen anything like that happen before. Since their services claim to help busy businessmen as well, we felt that we needed to take a look at their dating or matchmaking services.

So who are they? They are TRUE Matchmaking, and a dating agency which was founded not too long ago only, and unlike the other companies in Singapore, do not do social events like dating events or speed dates. In fact, they only specialize and do one to one matchmaking services – basically like being a traditional matchmaker, except that they do it on a large scale and throughout the country for mainly working professionals.

One of the good things I feel is definitely attributing to their fast success is due to the fact that they are quite stingy when it comes to picking customers. In fact, their website actually publicly states that they pick their customers, and they do not accept every single which applies to their website. This is to keep their successful matchmaking rate high. As they are only bringing in those they are confident of getting them a match, as well as only bringing in marriage or at least long term relationship minded people, their probability of helping their clients see success is way higher, even if sometimes it may take somewhat longer to get a match.

Another key thing is that they do not sell customers much on how many dates you can get to go on. Their dating agency publicly states that they wish to find you the perfect match on the first date itself, so if you are looking to sign up to go on as many dates as possible, and to find as many people as possible, it is the wrong place for you and you should not actually sign up. It is only for the marriage minded Singaporeans!

As you can possibly tell, it is quite obvious why they are seeing such success, especially with the marriage minded crowd of singles in Singapore.

In fact, they also claim that what I mentioned above are actually the exact reasons why despite so many registered dating companies in Singapore, there are still record numbers of singles in Singapore – a fact that is true. They write more about that phenomenon and explain why that is the case here. They are hence targeting that phenomenon and helping more Singaporeans find love – successfully and with minimal effort on the customer part!

Why Tinder Dating Is Now Useless In Singapore

Things like Tinder dating, and the era of such mobile dating applications are gone forever in Singapore. In its place are now solutions like social escorts. In fact, even traditional matchmaking has been making a comeback – as further explained within this article. Everyone and every business executive in Singapore is literally turning to solutions like matchmakers for serious relationships or social escorts for a little no strings attached fun. No one is using Tinder and such applications anymore, and here are the reasons why.

First of all, most girls get on the app only to validate their own attractiveness, and have no intention to meet anyone at all no matter what. There is no place better than such applications to know if guys will like them or not. Posting an OOTD or nice photo on Instagram will not necessarily let her know if a guy finds her attractive, as some guys in Singapore do not want others to know that he secretly likes that girl. Therefore, they may not even interact with the girls’ postings and profiles. However, under the secrecy of a mobile dating application, they will simply swipe right or even super like the girl. That is exactly why most girls in Singapore simply abuse this and use it as a way to validate their own attractiveness, and have zero intention to meet anybody on the application for any reason whatsoever at all.

Second of all, such dating applications are heavily photo centric. Even if you are the biggest gentleman, you will not get any luck if you do not have a nice photo. Even if you have a great job or career, you will not get any ladies if you do not use a nice image. In fact, even if you look great and handsome in real life, but do not know how to take a faltering picture of yourself, you will not be able to get any women on those dating applications. That is why it can be incredibly frustrating for Singaporean men to use these applications. That is why those who are seeking short term relationships just turn to social escorts, and those who want long term turn to dating agencies or matchmaking agencies in Singapore.

Third of all, many users are no longer using the application, and there are lots of inactive users on these dating apps. Many girls in Singapore simply sign up for these dating applications out of curiosity, perhaps used it for a few months and then simply deleted the app without deactivating their accounts within. As a result, their accounts still float around the system, and users like you see them. Some of you may be wondering why so many users do not respond – inactive users is a big part of the reason why! That is why those who want to look for a serious relationship simply turn to matchmaking agencies in Singapore, and those who want to look for a no strings attached relationship just go for escorts instead.